Frank’s anxiety rose to his chest

As he dangled in a fantasy of financial doubts, uncertainty, and fears. The Inflationary Dollar Hound from his subconscious world lunged towards him. Dog’s teeth and a desert dreamland rattled through his mind, as he contemplated all that remains.

A painting of a man and dog with dollar signs on their heads.
A painting of a boy and dog in front of a fountain.

As Charlotte relaxed

Her feelings unraveled and an animal from her subconscious world appeared. It was both a pony from her childhood and, at the same time, her pet Irish Setter. The warmth of remembering those animals floated on the coolness of Charlotte’s background thoughts.

Amanda sensed there was more

To her upcoming lunch meeting with Jerome than he let on when he invited her. After a good Pilates workout, her knees felt strong, and that was comforting. The cat of her inner world appeared to confirm that her intuition was likely to be correct, which boosted her confidence as she planned the rest of her day.
A painting of two cats and a dog